You make me LAFFY!

What’s better than a sweet treat on Valentines Day?  

A JOKE!Laffy Taffy

My son was very excited to make these for his class party this year.   

Who doesn’t enjoy a Laffy Taffy joke?

We started our design on Avery Templates  


Work through all the steps and customize your image.  Then you will be able to download a PDF and print on card stock.  Then it’s just a matter of getting them cut to match the size of your gift bags.

Then place your taffy in the bags and start folding your treat tags.


Fold the bag down and place the label over the top with two staples on each side and a piece of double sided tape to keep the top flap smooth.

28080957_10155407675728231_1457869584_o (1)

Close the treat flap and you are ready to treat your Valentines!

You make me LAFFY!
Valentine, you make me LAFFY!

Q: Why is Valentine’s Day a good day for a party?

A: Because you can really party hearty!


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