Love is in the Air, Salon Display

Love is in the Air, was our first salon display of 2018.  After a busy holiday season it is always nice to start the year with a clean fresh layout. 

Valentines Day is just around the corner, so hearts seemed fitting. 

This display came together really well. Our graphic designer, who brings all of our rough sketches to life, helped to create the exact image we were looking for.  Then it was a simple upload to and a few finishing touches from their free design help. And Voila! Our woman blowing hearts was a removable wall decal.  


The wall decal arrived in two pieces, her silhouette and her hand. This worked well to achieve the perfect placement.  The layout is a bit different between our two locations. 

Finesse Spa Salon Somerset Jan/Feb 2018
Our Somerset location, 2716 Stange Rd, Ames ,Iowa January/ February display

To finish our look, 3 different styles of  hearts were visually placed on the wall and hung across the salon . This helped to create the feeling they were blowing right out of her hand across the salon.  The three styles are pictured below. 

Finesse Hearts
3 Styles of Hearts


Where did we find these great hearts??  The wall stickers were purchases from Amazon.     The other hearts pictured were hand cut by our very own Meredith!  Create your own by taking a stroll down the aisle of your favorite hobby store, pick your favorite paper, and cut away.

Finesse Spa Salon Somerset Salon
Finesse Spa Salon Campus Town Salon

Our display would not be complete with out signs! 

How else would our guests know what’s going on??

Finesse Spa Salon Liter Sale
$10 off Pureology Liters, $4 off Redken Liters, Free Liter Pumps with purchase


Please share in the comments if this gets your creative juice following! 

What will you be making next?


You will be a “Succa” for our next display 🙂


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